Nonwoven ve Geri Dönüşüm Tekstil Makineleri

Filon, Vizyon Tekstil’e ait nonwoven ve geri dönüşüm tekstil makinelerini (açma, kesme ve diğer (Garnett, Tel Kasa Balya) makineleri) servisini veren Vizyon Tekstil markasıdır.


Hand Knitting T-Shirt Yarn

Elora tshirt yarn is a recycled yarn developped by Vizyon Textile upcycling the fabric pieces.


Cleaning and Wiping Rags

Our cleaning rags are produced recycling and upcycling the hosiery fabrics into qualified cleaning materials.


Products To Tie The Plants

E-bagci is a Vizyon brand created to produce and supply tieing products for the vineyards, orchards, and nurseries.


Textile machinery and spare parts and accesories

Texpin supplies knives for cutters, pinned lags for all opening and rag tearing machines as well as spiked aprons for all kinds of feeders and blending rooms.


Upcycled Ecological Products

Vizyon revolutionized the conventional recycling idea into an advanced Upcycling idea. And the products as the fruit of this idea is implemented in the market place VIZYONSHOP.